“Being different is at the heart of everything I have done over the past 40 years.”


The name Dieter Brandstätter stands for 40 years of success, experience and pioneering spirit in the metallurgy industry. Comprehensive technological know-how, worldwide networks, precise knowledge of different markets and unconventional strategies are the tools that deliver decisive advantages to renowned companies on every continent.


Years in Business


Global Connection


Patented Inventions

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”


Experience is important and valuable. But most of the time, you don’t have it until after it’s needed. The solution: consulting competence and expertise based on decades of knowledge and ongoing development of the industry and its technologies.

Project planning

Developing feasibility studies to minimise risk when developing new products and entering new markets. Planning plants based on the process technology needed to meet the company’s product-specific quality objectives and business goals. Accompanying the entire project from the formulation of a demand to handing over to production.

Process optimisation

Increasing the efficiency and quality of process technology and production sequences to get the very best from your products. Optimising value chains and consequently the business models. Ultimate objective: process-oriented organisation. Ultimate objective: process-oriented organisation.

“Only those who know the market can perform successfully.”


The principles of any successful entry strategy are listening carefully and asking the right questions. It’s only when you understand the precise business parameters and objectives that they be synchronised with the situations within those markets and cultures.


Generating leads – building high quality contacts and keeping in touch with people who are interested in the market, establishing sales channels and the strategic orientation of companies in the metallurgy industries on the European market.


Positioning, profiling and differentiation of companies in the different global markets, focusing on the respective cultural, social and legal conditions.


Maintaining a worldwide network of cooperation partners and experts for providing optimal support to companies in the context of international expansion as well as for leveraging network synergies for decision-makers.

“Competition brings out the best of us.”


Strategy is about methodologically planning actions to achieve defined objectives. The objectives are defined by you. The methodology is based on the potentials of the company and the market. Potentials that are often much more holistic than you think. You just need someone to recognise and optimise them.


Assessing opportunities and potential to increase competitiveness.


Developing strategic actions to achieve business objectives.


Implementing, coordinating and evaluating competitive strategy actions.


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